Non Abstract Driven Sessions

The non-abstract driven sessions will further address a variety of current viewpoints and issues. These sessions will be distributed throughout the Conference program. The type and focus of the sessions will vary.

Plenary Sessions
The world’s most distinguished researchers, community leaders and policy specialists will be invited to give plenary lectures during the Conference. Plenary sessions will bring together all Conference delegates at the first session of the morning every day at the IMPACT Conference Centre. These sessions will reflect a focus point of the program’s overall vision.

Invited Sessions
Bridging Sessions will be organised to enhance the dialogue among all Conference delegates and provide the opportunity to share knowledge and experience. Bridging Sessions will be held on topics that cross the boundaries of individual components of the Conference program. Bridging Sessions will be structured to allow significant audience participation and discussion.

Case Studies will feature short presentations of in-the-lab or field experiences, grouped by topics, but not areas of work that can offer lessons to be learned or exemplify best practices at work. The audience will be able to ask questions and make connections and comments.

Debates will cover current controversies on various topics. Invited speakers will present the pros and cons of the topic. Members of the audience may participate with questions and comments.

Symposia will deal with critical issues that do not have simple solutions and the audience will be encouraged to participate in these sessions to bring recommendations forward.

Rapporteur Sessions
The daily Conference newspaper will include the rapporteurs report with the highlights of the Conference program the day before.

On the last morning of the Conference, a final summary for each track and program component will be presented. This session will summarise and synthesise the presentations made during the week, focusing on critical issues addressed, important results presented, and key recommendations put forward.

Skills Building Workshops
During the four days of the Conference, the Skills Building component will offer a large schedule of workshops that cover a diverse range of contents. The goal is to teach specific skills or strategies to specific audiences that can then be applied within their own work or life settings once they return home.

Leadership Endeavour
In addition to the above listed sessions, the Conference Organising Committee is planning to have, as a new feature of the Conference program, a strong leadership component. The proposal is to involve not only political leaders, but also world renown community, business, faith, public opinion, social, and scientific leaders. They will address the delegates through special lectures and interact with participants through workshops, debates and symposia.