Skills Building Program

Accessible Learning and Living for All
There are over 80 skills building workshops offered at the XV International AIDS Conference. Each workshop incorporates one or more of the following categories carefully crafted by the Skills Building Working Group – eighteen front line AIDS professionals representing countries on six continents around the world:

  1. Positive living with HIV/AIDS
  2. Preventing HIV infection and other life threatening conditions
  3. Healthy organisations, healthy communities
  4. Public policy and civil society
  5. Science, medicine and community

Attending a Workshop – first come, first served!
To facilitate an effective transfer of skills, the Working Group and group facilitators have limited the number of participants for each workshop. Admittance to a skills building workshop will be very limited. Delegates must be at the door of each workshop 30 minutes before the scheduled start as seating will be limited to first-come, first-served.

About the Program
The Skills Building Program is a unique component of the Conference, spanning the community, leadership and scientific programs. The program also helps stimulate new and stronger partnerships for problem-solving related to the many different HIV-related needs. People share vital expertise with colleagues from other regions of the world to help overcome the many barriers to care, prevention and management of the epidemic.

Here, Conference delegates have the opportunity to put learning into action. The workshops will use interactive, creative training methods on subjects of critical importance to those facing the realities of the AIDS pandemic today – whether they are a medical professional, researcher, politician, administrator, outreach worker, peer advocate, caregiver and/or a person living with HIV/AIDS (PHA).