Support from businesses

More and more businesses are supporting and helping charity, NGOs and other admirable causes. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) began to take hold in the beginning in USA in the 1970s. The concept of a “social contract” between business and society was declared by the Committee for Economic Development in 1971. Now its almost part of all large corporations and even small and medium sized too. Companies can be conscious of what impact they are having on many aspects of society, that includes economic, social, and environmental. We have come a long way since. There are still many companies supporting the fight against AIDS/HIV. Trying to help, doing what they can to bring awareness and raise funds and contribute in many other ways.

Because AIDS is not over, but it can be. The AIDS epidemic is far from over, it continues to affect health and
development in many parts of the world. Unlike most other health crises, HIV largely affects people in the prime of their life.

HIV matter to business in other ways too. For example, companies that have business in countries that are heavily affected by HIV, can see see improvements in productivity, morale and employee turnover when they take an active and supportive role in the fight against AIDS. Also forward-thinking companies planning ahead with sustainable and inclusive business models really can reshape the markets and the future direction of policy there. It also generates goodwill and shows a companies commitment to the social contract and well being and health of its employees and customers. Finally helping the communities in those countries heavily affected by HIV and protecting human rights there enables companies to improve the strengthen the social contract.

IAS is grateful to have the support of different companies and organizations that are standing up for HIV/AIDS. - jämför mobilabonnemang – jämför mobilabonnemang - Creating possibility – Creating possibility – Lån utan UC