Words of Welcome

On behalf of the Scientific Program Committee, welcome to Bangkok, Thailand for the XV International AIDS Conference. The theme for this Conference is Access for All, reflecting the need for us to make the multitude of scientific knowledge and experience accessible to all, at every level of the fight against HIV/AIDS.

This week offers all working in the field of HIV/AIDS an excellent opportunity for an examination of both progress thus far and next steps. Many exciting scientific discoveries both in prevention and treatment will be presented. Some of the first results of the newer vaccine trials have become available, as well as the scientific evaluation of the recently implemented HAART programs in developing countries and the first Global Fund results will be seen. The research or experienced based data presented in the abstract driven sessions have been designed to share exciting and relevant information from all fields of cutting edge science and public health related areas.

Our Scientific Program Committee has worked with the Community Program Committee and the Leadership Program Committee for the past 16 months to create a Unified Program. The non-abstract driven sessions have been developed with their collective input and expertise. Influential speakers representing different disciplines such as social scientists, prevention scientists, people working at implementation levels (NGOs, community and international organisations), policy makers, government officials, treatment researchers, donor agencies and others have been brought together this week in Bangkok to present in bridging sessions, debates, case study presentations and symposia, reflecting the complete integration of science, community, and leadership to enhance the dialogue among participants from all sides.

We are certain that the XV International AIDS Conference Scientific Program is innovative and relevant, combining cutting-edge science with the world’s realities and needs. It is our sincere hope that while attending this Conference you share information leading to groundbreaking decisions. We envision that a consensus on best practices will be reached and joint multi-sectoral action at local, regional and global levels will be initiated. Your words of commitment will push countries, companies, international agencies and institutions to move forward, together.

Thank you for joining us in Bangkok for the XV International AIDS Conference to renew the friendship and the solidarity of a world working against this pandemic and its effects.