IAS Mission

To contribute to the control and management of HIV infection and AIDS throughout the world in co-operation with national and regional AIDS Societies, with UNAIDS and other international organisations including non-governmental organisations.

The International AIDS Society contributes to the control and management of HIV infection and AIDS through advocacy, education, facilitation of networks and scientific debate. IAS supports best practices in research, prevention and care.

To serve as an international forum for scientific interest groups and caucuses on HIV and AIDS. To initiate, co-ordinate and evaluate activities to control HIV and AIDS.

To organise international conferences and subspecialty conferences on HIV infection and AIDS, in particular the series of biennial International AIDS Conferences and Conferences on HIV Pathogenicity and Clinical Care in the intervening years.

To organise training courses related to HIV infection and AIDS, particularly the Educational Program on Clinical Management and Prevention of HIV Infection (SHARE).

To represent the scientific community as a voice of reason in AIDS controversies, to counteract discrimination and promote the ethical aspects of research and interventions.

To advocate for adequate resources for research and training as well as for controlling the epidemic and alleviating its consequences.

To solicit and receive funds in support for the IAS activities against HIV and AIDS.

To serve as a central registry of individuals professionally involved in AIDS research and activities to treat and prevent HIV infection.

The IAS is not organised nor is it to be operated for profit.